Ministry Center Started

The Ministry Center has finally started! All the permits have been submitted and approved and ground breaking started on the new ARK Ministry Center on Monday August 10th, 2015.  Mark Renstrom came with his tractor and equipment to work up the ground and peel off the top soil to be utilized later.  God is so good.  Just a few short years ago NLCC was meeting downtown in the Storefront building.  God was gracious and allowed a gift to come in to pay off the debt to the church.  In His sovereignty He then allowed NLCC to purchase our current dome church from Bethesda Free Church.  It quickly became apparent that we needed to consider building.  The Awana Children’s program was busting at the seams.  The vision was born to prayerfully consider building.  Many leadership meetings were held and prayerful consideration given to what the needs of the church were.  After several building ideas and plans God led us to our current building project.  As we start the actual physical part of the project may people remember to pray for God’s continued leadership and guidance on this project.  Volunteers are also going to be essential for many aspects of this project.  If you are willing to serve in some capacity please let Pastor Dennis, Pastor Nathan or the church board know. We will be posting a time line shortly with projected work dates and the type of workers that will be needed.  Please prayerfully consider helping whenever possible.  This building project is going to take the work of all NLCC members to be a success.

IMG_7980 IMG_1544 IMG_7979 IMG_1543 IMG_1541 IMG_1539 IMG_1537 IMG_1453 IMG_1504 IMG_1530 IMG_1531 IMG_1444 IMG_1362



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